Not cool: Drinking alcohol on board.

Because many passengers have the same opinion we do, erixx Niedersachsen is alcohol-free. This means no drinking alcohol or making it available on the train or during the train ride.

Better to celebrate beforehand and then have erixx bring you home safely.

Drinking on board is expensive: our staff is instructed to prevent drinking alcohol on the train. If you are caught, you will be charged €40 and your personal information will be recorded.

We don’t believe it’s worth it. So join us - no alcohol during the train ride. Thank you!

Why is this the case at erixx?

Alcohol on board very often leads to a great deal of rubbish, dirt and noise.

Other passengers do not like it. Often, they even feel threatened or uneasy.

We would like everyone to enjoy travelling with erixx. Therefore, we asked the passengers: more than 85% advocate a strict ban on consuming alcohol in the train.

We agree: this is safer and more pleasant for everyone. So please, join us!

This regulation only applies to erixx GmbH. erixx Holstein is therefore excluded from this regulation.

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